The Art of Michael Stevens Wiggs

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Sockets: acrylic on canvas. 2006 (16"x20")

This piece, entitled "Sockets", is a tounge-in-cheek depiction of how interconnected we humans are with each other, the things we create, and the universe at large. Pornography has existed for millenia, but its popularity skyrocketed with the advent of home movies and VCRs. In today's digital age, pornography could now be considered mainstream.

Pornography is seldom about intimacy, and though we are all connected our society does not encourage closeness but rather immediate results regardless of consequence. Forget foreplay, just get to the sex. This work relates to porn in that same way, the characters seem distant, intent on their own pleasure. Classic porn motifs are seen such as a hint of girl-girl action, lack of a male face, and the now ubiquitous "money shot".

Updated: 22 March 2018